If you also use Google Photos, then you can easily recover deleted favorite pictures and videos.

google photos delete recovery

Since then, you are seeing that you are sometimes engaged on mobile and sometimes on the laptop. What are you doing after all? Buddy! There were some cute pictures on the mobile which were not found. There were also some videos that are not available deleted by mistake. I don’t understand what to do.

In this era of technology, nowadays almost every person wants to save a beautiful moment not for one year but for life. That’s why nowadays almost everyone takes a photo on a smartphone and stores that picture through Google Photos for years.

But, sometimes in the process of deleting some unnecessary pictures or videos, some cute and important videos and pictures also get deleted. In such a situation, if some important picture has been deleted from Google Photos present on your mobile or laptop, then you can also recover it through the same technology.

Yes, if videos or pictures have been deleted from Google Photos, then you must read this article because, in this article, we are going to tell you some easy tips, by adopting which you can recover deleted favorite pictures and videos. If so, let’s find out.

What is Google Photos?

Before recovering photos or videos, people take what is this Google Photos and how it works. Google Photos is an app where you can easily store any photo or video for many years. If there is not much space in the mobile phone ie memory, then many people use this app.

For this, first, the Google Photos application must be downloaded on mobile. After downloading, the account must be opened in this application. After opening the account, you can easily store the photo by selecting it here. However, sometimes space is also limited in this.

How to recover photos on mobile?

how to recover old google photos
  • If you have stored the Google Photos app on your mobile and the pictures have been deleted from here, then you can easily recover them. For this follow these steps-
  • First of all, open the Google Photos app on mobile.
  • After opening, in the bottom right corner, you will see the Library section where you have to click.
  • Search and select the picture or video you want to recover.
  • After selecting, you will see the option of Restore at the bottom, click here.
  • After clicking, the picture and video you selected will appear in the photo library.

How to recover in laptop?

how to recover deleted photos videos from google photos
  • If photos or videos have been deleted from the laptop, then you can easily recover them from the laptop as well. For this follow the step-
  • For this, first, you have to open photos.google.com on the laptop.
  • After that sign in by entering your mail and password.
  • As soon as you open it, on the left side you will see the option of Trash.
  • You have to go to the trash and click on the deleted picture and video and then you have to click on restore.
  • As soon as you select and restore photos and videos, they will appear in the gallery.
  • Refer YouTube channels like https://youtu.be/SeCbGAQ1CNY

Keep these things in mind

restore photos from google photos
  • Always keep the current sync on the mobile phone. With this, photos and videos are automatically stored in Google Photos.
  • If a photo or video is deleted then they go to the trash which can be recovered within about 30-40 days. In many mobiles or laptops, these times are also up to 50-60 days.
  • Take care while deleting unnecessary photos and videos.

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