People often get nervous after hearing the name Affiliate Marketing. They feel that it is a difficult job, and it is difficult to earn money from it. But it’s not that difficult. You can earn good money by getting the right information. For your information, let us tell you that millions of people in India alone are earning good money by joining it. And money is earned in many ways, so we have told you about how to earn money from Affiliate Marketing (15 easy ways).

Affiliate marketing is growing very fast these days. In today’s article, we will know about this. In this article, you will learn 15 easy ways to earn money from affiliate marketing. So, let’s start with knowing about affiliate marketing. After this, we will know its methods.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
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Online Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

When you sell a product or service of a company, then the company gives you some percentage of commission in return. This is called Affiliate Marketing. Different companies give different commissions for this. If you want to earn good money, then first join a good affiliate program. A good affiliate program means a good platform that also gives a good commission. Come, now let us tell you some ways to identify a good affiliate program so that you can join a good affiliate program.

How to choose a good affiliate program

Before joining any affiliate program, see how its service is. Such as payment, customer service, app and website interface, etc. Apart from this, you should also understand the commission rate very well. Many times, companies also keep the rule of minimum withdrawal, so know the withdrawal rule of any program you join.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing (15 Easy Ways)

Let’s know how to earn money from Affiliate Marketing (15 easy ways). You can choose any of these according to your understanding.

1. Telegram Group, WhatsApp Group, and Blog

Join any affiliate program, Telegram group, WhatsApp group, or blog is important. Telegram group or blog gives you a platform to share your link. Along with this you also get an audience. Affiliate marketing is hard enough without an audience. That’s why you must make a telegram, WhatsApp group, and blog out of these.

2. Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is a well-known online shopping app. Here you get all kinds of shopping items. Amazon also runs its affiliate program, by joining which good money can be earned. All you have to do is affiliate the product link with Amazon and share it. As soon as someone buys a product from this link, you will get a commission from Amazon instead. To join this, you can join the Amazon Affiliate Program by visiting Amazon’s website. It is considered one of the best mediums in the world of affiliates.

Official Website: https://Affiliate-Program.Amazon.In

3. Meesho Affiliate Reselling

Mesho reselling is also a kind of affiliate. In this, you do not have to join any affiliate program separately. All you have to do is resell the products available on this platform. Share the products available on this on your WhatsApp group and Telegram. If someone shows interest in that product, then order that product for him at your price. In this way, you will be able to make a profit from the margin between Mesho’s price and your price. Mesho is one of the fastest-growing companies today.

4. Yatra Affiliate

If you want to join traveling or related affiliates, then Yatra Affiliate can prove to be beneficial for you. Copy and share the link from here, as soon as someone books a hotel with your link or books other travel-related services, you get a commission in return. The name Yatra is quite famous in traveling and related fields.

Official Website: https://www.Yatra.Com/Online/Yatra-Affiliate.Html

5. Bigrock Affiliate

BigRock is a domain registration and web hosting platform. Here also you can join an affiliate program. If someone registers a domain or takes web hosting from the link shared by you, then you get a good commission for it. Bigrock is doing very well in the field of the domain, so good income can be made by joining it.

Official Website: https://www.Bigrock.In/Affiliate

6. Earnkaro Affiliate

EarnKaro is a very good affiliate platform. You can also use it with the help of an app or website. Here you get affiliate products from many other shopping platforms including Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal. Apart from this, you get more than 100 stores here. You can earn money by sharing anyone’s link. In this, you also get the option of a minimum withdrawal of ₹ 10.

Official Website: https://Earnkaro.Com/

7. Flipkart Affiliate

Flipkart is a well-known online shopping site. It is used by people all over India. You can easily earn money by joining its affiliate program. Here you get a commission ranging from 1% to 20%. Although its affiliate is activated from time to time. So if you want to join its affiliate program, then keep an eye on its website.

Official Website:- https://Affiliate.Flipkart.Com/

8. Hostgator Affiliate

Hostgator is also a type of website hosting and web registration portal. You can earn money by sharing affiliate links from here. When someone registers or takes web hosting from your link, you get a commission in return. Its interface is very nice and its customer care team is also very helpful.

Official Website:- https://www.Hostgator.Com/Affiliates

9. ClickBank

On Clickbank, you get affiliate programs for online courses, Ebooks, and many other types of digital products. Apart from digital, you can also affiliate with physical products. As our country is becoming digital, the demand for digital things has also increased. This affiliate can prove to be beneficial in the future as well. Here you also get many types of promotions and bonuses from time to time. It is also a top affiliate marketing site.

Official Website:- https://www.Clickbank.Com/

10. Vcommission

Vcommission is also a type of multiple-store affiliate. Here you will find affiliates of all the big E-commerce companies. You can make good money by sharing the link of Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. In this, you get affiliates of national and many international sites as well. Here you get many stores together.

Official Website: https://www.Vcommission.Com

11. Earnly

On Earnly, you get affiliates of many apps and websites at once. By creating an account here, you will be able to easily share the affiliate link of any store you want to create. As soon as people buy a product from your link, money will be deposited in your Earnly. You will be able to transfer it to your account very easily. This is a very good affiliate program.

Official Website:- https://www.Earnly.In/

12. Reseller Club

Reseller Club is also a domain and web hosting platform like Bigrock. Here you can also buy domain and web hosting and earn money by sharing its deal. Many types of offers also go on on Reseller Club. You will be able to take your earned money in the bank very easily.

Official Website:- https://www.Resellerclub.Com/

13. INR Deals

INR Deals is a kind of multi-level platform. Here you get affiliate of recharge, bill payment along with shopping. You will be able to earn money by sharing affiliate links of online stores like Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, etc. You can save your money by using it for yourself as well.

Official Website:- https://Inrdeals.Com/

14. Cuelinks

This is a different type of affiliate, in this, you do not have to share any product link. If you have a website or even a group, then you have to paste or share the special link given by them. As soon as someone makes a purchase by clicking on this link, you get a commission instead. It is spread all over the world and joining it can prove to be beneficial for you.

Official Website:- https://www.Cuelinks.Com/

15. Admitad

This is an International Affiliate Site. Here you will also get affiliate options from many international companies. Like Samsung, Booking.Com, etc. You will be able to take your earned money very easily from Paypal, Bank Account, Paytm, etc. Millions of people are associated with Admitad, you can also earn profit by joining it.

Official Website:- https://www.Admitad.Com/En/

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There are many ways to earn money. Today we learned about one of the best ways out of these. Today we learned about Affiliate Marketing in detail through this article. Do tell us your opinion about this article through comments. Also, tell me what kind of articles you want to read next. See you again with a new article, till then read our other articles.

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