When is Palm Sunday in 2024?

This year Palm Sunday will be observed on 24th March 2024.

palm sunday 2024
Palm Sunday

Why is Palm Sunday celebrated?

The Palm Sunday marks Christ’s entry into Jerusalem. Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the Holy Week which is considered as the final week of Lent.

Why are Palms used?

It is said that when Jesus entered Jerusalem before his arrest on Holy Thursday and crucifixion. People welcomed him by laying palm branches in his path and waving him with palms. Jesus rode on a donkey and entered Jerusalem.

Is Palm Sunday a day of mourning?

People are both happy and sad on this day. Happy because everyone on this welcomed Jesus with respect and zeal. Sad because somewhere everyone knows that a week later marks the day of crucifixion.

How is Palm Sunday celebrated?

Churches conduct special mass on this day. Many churches also take out a procession holding the blessed palm leaves.

What is the main message of Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday marked the jubilant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. Jesus knew what was coming, yet accepted death with humility to free humanity from sin.

In short, we can sum up that Palm Sunday marks the final days of Christ, which is followed by the death of Jesus on the cross on Good Friday and his resurrection from the dead on Easter Sunday.

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